Our Tuition Programme


Chemistry 360

In order to have a true mastery of O Level Chemistry, you need to be proficient in all 3 components of the O Level Chemistry Exam.

Paper 1 – the MCQ paper, worth 30%

Paper 2 – the written paper, worth 50%

Paper 3 – the Practical exam, worth 20%

To help you achieve your goals, we’ve created Chemistry 360, the only Chemistry tuition programme that makes sure you’re completely prepared for the O Level Chemistry exam.

In Class

What impressed me was his ability of coming up with simple analogies for us so that we would be able to relate to it and grasp the concepts more easily”
– Victoria Chong

Our teachers breakdown challenging Chemistry concepts into simple, easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces. This increases our student’s ability to understand and retain content which translates to more confident learners. We ensure that students walk out of every single lesson with their questions and doubts cleared, and equipped with new skills to answer the more challenging application questions.


One to One Consults

Stuck with a challenging question from your school homework and have no one to turn to? Fret not! Our tutors are only a WhatsApp message away. If you need more support, we will arrange to get your doubts cleared either before class, after class, or on zoom!


At Home (Because learning never stops)

“Hi Jeremy, your videos and book have been a great help – Luke’s Chem went from E8 in WA2 to B4 in WA3 (speed of reactions) to B3 in EOY. Thanks! 😊”
– Susan, Luke’s mother.

Our Print and Digital study resources provide rock-solid support that extends beyond the classroom.

Forgot a particular concept or skill and need to revise urgently for that test tomorrow? Simply login to ChemistryOne – Singapore’s largest collection of O Level Chemistry videos (over 100 lectures and 500 questions) and re-visit the topic you urgently need to revise! Our students swear by this resource because it’s literally having all my resources in your pocket! (you will require wifi access)

We have run O Level Chemistry tuition classes for students from over 63 schools and counting!