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Our schedules may not always allow us to attend to walk in enquiries or to answer phone enquries at your convenience.

For enquires, you may choose to contact us via SMS or Whatsapp – we will reply you the soonest we can.


Hougang Central Blk 806 #04-154
Singapore 530806

We are a 3 minute walk from Hougang Mrt. (Exit B)

Our centre is located on the 4th floor of Blk 806.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions…

How Big Are Your Classes?

On average we have about 12 to 15 students in a class.

Our weekend classes are usually full – 17 students in a class.

We started as a tiny outfit with 6 students in a class. The number grew to 9, then 12 and now 17!

While no amount of convincing can convince you how effective my lessons are, I’m sure you will agree with me that unless my classes were effective and engaging, I will not be able to have such a large class size!

How Are Your Classes Run?

For starters, every time your child comes for my lesson, I are certain that he will leave having learnt something new!

Each lesson is broken into 2 parts.

In the first part of the lesson, I will go through basic Chemistry concepts, and give numerous examples to help the student understand what we are learning this for (real life applications) and how to use it effectively.

I do this because many students complain that they have very little idea on what?s going on in school. And sometimes, while a student may understand what?s being taught, there could be other best practices to help save time and effort in the exam.

The second part of the lesson involves application and problem solving. I highlight to each student how concepts may be combined, how they may be tested and common mistakes not to make! This is especially effective for students who complain they “know what is being taught but don’t know how to apply“.

While it is my job to ensure that your child understands what is being taught, he also needs to take responsibility to ensure that he is able to recall and apply these concepts, especially to new problems and situations – this basically means he also needs to put in effort and finish the homework assigned!

Is there homework?

Yes, there will be homework.

Getting good at a craft requires time, dedication and practice. The same applies to your studies. The more time you spend getting yourself exposed to the different concepts and how they can be tested, the easier it will be to get you to your A1/A2. (ask any of our graduate this!)

However, we also understand that some school teachers will overload students with more homework than they can already handle ? so we leave it as an optional choice.

The main purpose of the homework given is to build capability ? it should be something he can complete in an hour or so.

At the back of each set of homework questions are answers your child can refer to, to ensure he is on the right track. If he is unable to get to the final answer, we welcome him to ask us for a more detailed solution in the next lesson.

Having said that, we believe that a certain amount of effort needs to be put in before a student can start seeing permanent improvement. Over the years, we?ve noticed that the students who improve the most are those who put in the most effort.

Can My Child Come For a Trial Class?

We do not run free trials. But what we do have is a FULLY REFUNDABLE PAID TRIAL.

What this means is that you pay for the class first.

But if after the class, you child tells you that our lessons were not effective, and he doesn?t want to continue, we will refund every single cent ? no questions asked.

Are There Make Up Lessons?

We haven’t come a cross a student who isn’t busy juggling studies and co-curricular activities!

Here’s what you can do if you miss a class:

1. All our lessons are repeated from Mon to Sat.
If you happen to miss a class, you can come for another class within the same week. Prior notice is needed to allow us to check for vacancies!

2. Schedule a half an hour one-to-one consultation.
If your schedule is packed to the brim, fret not! Simply inform us that you are unable to make it for any of our other classes and we will arrange a one to one consultation session with Jeremy to cover material you missed!

What are you fees like?

Our fees are $272 for 4 lessons (sec 3) & $300 for 4 lessons (sec 4)
$300 for S3/S4 Combined sci. (Chem and Physics – once a week)

The duration of each Pure/Combined Chem only lesson is 1.5 hours.
Combined Sci. (Chem and Physics) is 2 hours.