In this post, I am going to talk about Copper.

Copper is a transition metal and one of the properties of transition metals is that it forms compounds of different colours.
[You need to know this if you’re doing O Level Chemistry!]

Copper is especially popular among examiners because of the large number of colours it’s compound exists as! Let’s take a quick look at what they are!

If you look at the image above, there are 4 different colours and 5 different element/compounds.

A – Copper metal. Copper metal is a reddish brown solid.
B – Copper(II) carbonate is a green solid/powder.
C – Copper(II) sulfate/nitrate/chloride. These compounds can exist as blue solutions or crystals
D – Copper(II) oxide is a black solid.
E – Copper(II) hydroxide is a blue precipitate.

I hope this very short post has helped you get your colours right! All the best for your O level chemistry exam!

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