(Especially For Parents With Children Taking Sec 4 O Level Pure Chem, or IP Chem,

Who Are Absolutely Lost doing Mole Calculation)

Introducing Chem.Made.Easy’s

Mole Concept Online Crash Course

(A Fully Online Programme That Covers Everything Your Child Needs To Know For Mole Concept)


And How This Can Help Your Child

FastTrackTM His Learning &

Secure Another 14 to 17 Marks*

At The Upcoming ‘O’ Level Exams!

(Even If He Is Currently Lost and Has No Idea What Is Going On In Class!)

*Typically 11 marks from Practical, 3 marks from MCQ & 3 marks from P2

Dear parent,

If you’ve seen or heard your child complain about some calculation chapter in chemistry called moles

Maybe you’ve heard him mention how it’s confusing, because there are so many formulas to memorise

Or you’ve seen him putting in so much effort to memorise the formulas, but still get stuck because he doesn’t have any idea to start to the question…

I’ve got good news for you.

What’s This All About?

Now imagine this.

Immediate & On-Demand videos your child can watch over and over again. On his laptop, desktop or mobile phone! Anywhere, anytime. So he gets to decide the best time and place for him to learn… at home or on-the-go… its up to him!

Pretty cool huh?

You see, what I’ve done is I’ve taken my 10 years worth of experience teaching O Level Chemistry and put together a whole series of pre-recorded videos, downloadable notes, questions & detailed answers, especially for students who are struggling with Mole calculation.

What this means for your child is that once he gets started watching these videos, it will definitely shorten the amount of time he needs to master mole calculation!


Here’s What You’ll Be Getting…
Inside this Online Course!

Here’s a sneak peek of what your child will be getting…

  1. Notes (Downloadable Pdf)
    36 pages of notes + questions covering everything you need to know on mole calculation.


  2. Key Concept Video 1 – Ar, Mr, % Composition and Empirical Formula (22:42 min)
    How not to get tricked by rounding up/down the decimals when calculating empirical formula.


  3. Key Concept Video 2 – Avogadro’s Constant and Molar Mass (20:46 min)
    Find out how to relate the Ar or Mr of a substance to the number of moles / particles inside a substance.


  4. Key Concept Video 3 – Calculations involving molar mass and molar volume (18:27 min)
    Find out how to use the M.R.S 3-Step method to solve virtually any mole calculation question (I kid you not)


  5. Key Concept Video 4 – Concentration and Application to Titration Questions (20:55 min)
    Find out how not to get stuck at complex/challenging mole calculation questions. Hint: its about knowing what data you’re given!


  6. Key Concept Video 5 – Excess and Limiting Questions (16:07 min)
    Learn how to determine which substance is limiting or in excess… and more importantly.. how to spot such questions!


  7. Key Concept Video 6 – Percentage Yield and Purity (19:55 min)
    Learn the major difference between yield and purity and ensure you present your working in the correct order to be awarded marks!


  8. Bonus Video 1 – Extra percentage yield and purity Questions + Detailed Video solutions (23.52 min)


  9. Bonus Video 2 – Extra Titration + Moles Type Questions + Detailed Video solutions (23.02 min)

That’s more than 160min of pure content, over 50 questions & solutions…

Detailing everything your child needs to know, to ace the chapter on Mole Calculations!

All videos come with Detailed explanations (I assume you have no idea what the chapter is about),
Worked Example Questions & Detailed solutions.

What Are Others Already

Saying About The Course?

Thanks for today’s workshop! The notes were definitely substantial! I felt going through the subject topically, with sample questions for each topic, was undeniably the best way to improve and learn/find out my mistakes in a short period of time =) Overall a very enjoyable and engaging workshop unlike many which make you fall asleep!! Thanks Jeremy!
Deshelley Teo

Methodist Girls School

The workshop was very informative and enriching esp enjoyed the simultaneous lessons and doing practical work – helped to reinforce concepts. Overall a very enjoyable and engaging workshop unlike many which make you fall asleep. Haha! thanks Jeremy!!
Rebecca Loo

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

As You Can See…

The Online Crash Course Has Already Helped Students All over Singapore

The Question is… Is Your Child Next?


 Basically, the course has everything your child needs to master the chapter on Mole Calculation.

The strategies, tips and techniques are there to help him succeed. 

But, believe it or not, that’s still not everything.

Here’s what I will be doing to ensure your child get’s the most out of this course…

Fast Action Bonus! 
*Limited to the first 20 students only*

Bonus #1: Answers to 2016, 2017 and 2018 O Level exam papers (worth $47)
These are different from the ones you will find in the books sold in Popular.
These are created by yours truly and are usually reserved for my weekly class students only!


Bonus #2: Unlimited Lifetime updates
Once you purchase the Crash Course, you will be given unlimited lifetime updates during the year for the Mole Calculation course. Notes, Videos, Q&As… you get them for FREE.

There are no recurring charges or any fees to access these updates. They come along with your one-year purchase of the Mole Calculation Crash Course. Now, how’s that for a bargain!


So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

By now, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is an insanely good offer.

My students and followers on Instagram know that I only provide the best content, to help students master Chemistry.
So if you’re wondering how much its going to cost you to access the videos, 24/7 support & unlimited updates, you’re going to be pleased. 

Lifetime access to the Mole Calculation Crash Course with all the videos, notes, is going for just $75 SGD today,
50% off the usual price of $149!

Remember, this access also covers the updates – which means, whenever there are new questions and solutions, it will be given to you – FREE.

At this price, it is extremely affordable for almost anyone who wants to gain mastery of Mole Calculation in O Level chemistry.  

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!