***Final Run***

13th & 14th Nov 2018 (Tues & Wed)

1230pm to 330pm

Introducing the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Prepare For Your ‘O’ Level Chemistry MCQ Paper

[Disclaimer!! This Workshop Contains Tested and Proven Strategies That May Help You Score Full Marks

for MCQ and boost your Chemistry Grade to an A!]

Dear Student,

If you are stressed out and wondering what you can do to prepare for the O Level MCQ Chemistry paper, which is only days away, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the major complaints we hear from our students is how much they’ve forgotten by the time the MCQ paper comes! If you can’t even recall what you learnt in school yesterday, or the day before, can you imagine the amount of content you” have forgotten in TWO WHOLE WEEKS?

Also, did you know that preparing for the MCQ paper is a total different ball game from preparing for the written Paper 2? I’m sure you’ve realised that the MCQ questions can be more tedious and challenging at times!

To score FULL MARKS for the MCQ paper, you need to have a different set of skills and strategies?unique to the MCQ paper!

I?m sure you?ve encountered situations before when you ?lost? to your friend in Paper 2, but still managed to score higher overall because of MCQs! Or, maybe you were the student who scored higher in Paper 2, but somehow didn?t do as well for your MCQs?and ended up having your grades pulled down!

Either way, I want to assure you that, be it content mastery or skills mastery in a short period of time, it is definitely possible for anyone (especially YOU) to LEARN the same set of skills and strategies and SCORE FULL MARKS!

Chemistry Paper 1 MCQ Workshop

  • Date:?13th & 14th November 2018
  • Time: 1230pm to 330pm
  • Venue: The Classroom Blk 806 Hougang Central #04-154
  • Fee: $300

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Join us as we reveal Tested and Proven strategies that have helped many Chemistry students, like yourself, increase understanding and answer MCQ questions effectively.

in this 6?hrs content packed workshop, you’ll…

  • Receive an “Ultimate MCQ Revision Guide” study packet which includes…
    # Revisit of important concepts and facts
    # Tips NOT FOUND IN TEXTBOOKS?on how to solve commonly asked MCQ questions
    # Tips on common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Learn how to solve challenging MCQ questions

  • Doing a challenging full length MCQ paper in a timed environment
  • Get to learn how to choose the “Best” answer if you’re stuck
  • Analysis and review of MCQs done (many students find this part the MOST useful)

This is going to be a?grade-changing?workshop, especially if you’ve?tried almost everything ?you can to improve, but are still scoring mediocre results.

If you want to start seeing real results, with a system that has been proven to work, then you have to lock the dates down in your calendar right now and secure your seats.

**Who Should Attend The MCQ Full Marks Workshop**

What If You Are Barely Passing, Average, Or an A1 Student?

#1 You Are Barely Passing Chemistry

Nothing is faster than learning from the experts themselves.

Whether its challenging concepts that you are still not sure about, or tables/formulas you haven’t memorised… Use this workshop to ask, ask & ASK!

Nothing beats the gratification of having your doubts and questions answered on the spot!

When you finally start practicing on your own, these new strategies, tips and knowledge will help you approach the MCQ questions with more confidence!

#2. You Are an Average Student

When you are at this stage, you want to familiarise yourself with common types of questions and common pitfalls.

Content mastery may be one thing, but knowing how to apply the concepts that you know to answer questions effectively so that you save precious time is another!

Here you will be exposed to the common types of questions so you will save time and work only on the important ones!

#3. You Are Already an A1 Student

At this point you’re probably already consistently scoring 37 to 40 marks for every MCQ paper you take.

But you just haven’t found a way to further minimise your careless mistakes or tackle ‘out-of-the-blue’ questions. All it takes is just 1 error to cost you your full marks! I’m sure you agree with me on this!

Here’s What Some?Participants Had To Say…

Hey Jeremy, thanks so much for todays workshop! The materials were definitely substantial! I felt going through the subject topically, with sample questions for each topic was undeniably the best way to improve and learn/find out my mistakes in a short period of time 🙂 I think what would’ve made it better than it already is would probably be extending the timing/carrying the workshop out in 2 days to have more drilling + going through of MCQs because it was a bit rushed! All in all, I don’t think I would feel as prepared if I hadn’t attended your class and it’s definitely beyond helpful so thank you so much!! 🙂
Deshelley Teo

Methodist Girls' School

The workshop was very informative and enriching esp enjoyed the simultaneous lessons and doing practical work – helped to reinforce concepts. Overall a very enjoyable and engaging workshop unlike many which make you fall asleep. Ps. food was a great idea. Haha! thanks Jeremy!!
Rebecca Loo

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Hi! The notes were great, especially the different methods to help us remember concepts better! The compilation of questions had a wide range of questions for us to do, and the worked solutions will definitely help us understand our mistakes better! I really like your teaching method as you help us understand why is 1 option correct, as well as why the other 3 are wrong. You always ensure that everyone understands their mistakes before moving on, which I really like!
Amas Lua

Victoria School

Ok! Sign Me Up Already!

Once again, here are the details of the workshop…


Details of The Workshop Date: 13th & 14th November (Tues and Wed)

Time: 1230pm to 330pm

Venue:?The Classroom | Blk 806 Hougang Central #04-154

Fee: $299

How To Make Payment

Send us an SMS @ 8612 0234 with the following details:

1. Name of student

2. Name of School

We will reply with details on how you can make offline payment!

P.S. We won?t be ONLY doing MCQs if that?s what you?re worried about. We will run through important concepts, highlight key points and provide step by step detailed explanations to tricky questions for students to take note of! We will however be doing 1 full MCQ paper for students to experience what it?s like and pace themselves on the actual day.

P.P.S. Seats are very limited. Seats are on a first come first serve basis.

P.P.P.S. The CHEMISTRY MCQ FULL MARKS Workshop offers?tested-and-proven examination strategies and techniques?which are guaranteed to?boost your understanding, hone your application skills and improve results?when if you implement them. But if you do not implement anything, then you will probably not see any results or improvements!