salt preparation

Salt Preparation is a topic that quite a few students are weak in. In order to successfully attempt any question on salt preparation, one has to be familiar with the following:-

  1. Solubility table
  2. Methods of preparation

In general, when one is posed with a salt preparation question, he needs to have the following train of thought:

  1. Is the salt soluble? (knowledge of solubility table)
  2. If soluble –> is it a SPA/Group I salt? If yes –> acid/alkali titration; if NO –> acid + excess method.
    If not soluble –> ionic precipitation method


Let’s take a quick look at how we can apply this knowledge to answering questions.



Briefly describe how sodium sulfate can be prepared in the lab.



  1. Is the salt soluble? (Yes! All Sodium Potassium and Ammonium salts are soluble!)
  2. Is it a SPA salt? (Yes!)
  3. Acid + alkali titration.
  4. We will use sulfuric acid because we wish to obtain a sulfate salt. (We use HCl if we want to get a chloride salt and HNO3 if we want to get a nitrate salt.)
    We will use sodium hydroxide as the alkali.
  5. Briefly describe the titration method!


I hope this short post has helped you clear some doubts about salt preparation. If you found it useful, feel free to share this with your friends!