(Especially For Parents With Children Taking Sec 4 O Level Pure Chem, or IP Chem, Who Are Absolutely Lost In Organic Chemistry)

Introducing Chem.Made.Easy’s

‘O’ Level Organic Chemistry Crash Course

(A 4 Hour Intensive Revision Programme That Will Cover Everything Your Child Needs To Know For Organic Chemistry!)


And How This Can Help Your Child

Secure Another 20 to 24 Marks??

At The Upcoming ‘O’ Level Exams!

(Even If He Is Currently Lost and Has No Idea What Is Going On In Class!)

Dear parent,

My name is Jeremy Neo, ‘O’ Level Chemistry Specialist.

Since 2009, my team and I have coached over 1000 students from over 63 secondary schools in Singapore, and we have helped them to achieve success in a relatively short period of time.

Some jump 2, 3, 4 or even 5 grades just by consistently applying the skills and strategies we teach in our classes.

What’s This All About?

The last theme in the ‘O’ Level Chemistry syllabus is Organic Chemistry, and it takes up a whopping 50 to 60 pages(!) in the Chemistry textbook.

It requires students to…

– ‘Memorise’ a huge amount of content

– ‘Recall’ about 15 different types of chemical reactions, and link some of them to their?specific conditions

– Know how to Draw Full Structural Formulas and Name the different organic molecules

In short, there is a large amount of content to understand, absorb and apply. The result is that some students end up lost, confused and demoralised when it comes to organic chemistry.

The good news is… it doesn’t have to end like this!

You see, over the last 10 years, I’ve devised a Step-By-Step system to guide students through Organic Chemistry. The benefits of this system is that it shortens the amount of time needed to get proficient in Organic Chemistry. It focuses on…

– Giving your child an overview of what is being taught (this helps to cut down time spent drastically)
– Teaching your child how to masterfully name and draw organic compounds (gives your child a solid foundation), and
– Giving your child an insight into the common type of Organic Chemistry questions tested in the O Level exam.

The result is that your child becomes skilled in answering organic chemistry questions and will look forward to seeing organic chemistry questions in the exams because it will feel like “grabbing free marks“.


When it comes to organic chemistry, drawing those isomers and macromolecules, I feel like I am grabbing free marks, while some of my classmates are struggling with them.

The experience in his lessons are totally different from any other Chemistry lesson.

Zheng An | F9 to A2

Maris Stella High School

Topics, Schedule & Lesson Fees

The topics that we will be covering in the 4 hours include…

  • Alkanes and Alkenes
  • Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids
  • Esters
  • Macromolecules

Each topic will come with a set of carefully selected questions, full solutions and common mistakes not to make.

Date: 9th August 2019 (National Day Holiday)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Fee: $200/=

Again, in this workshop, your child will learn how to:

– Identify and Apply key concepts important for the O Level exam to solve questions successfully
– Answer questions effectively by applying exam-oriented answering techniques
– Understand how the O Level marking scheme works to score the maximum possible marks
– Develop the correct train of thought when solving higher order questions

Simply put, this Organic Chemistry Crash Course has all the tools and information your child will need to become a master at Organic Chem and score an extra 20 marks in the O Level exam!?

This is going to be a grade-changing 4 hours, especially for students who have tried almost everything they can to improve but are still lost in organic chem.

So, if you want to start seeing real results, with a system that has been proven to work over and over again over the last 10 years, then you have to lock the date down in your calendar right now and secure your child’s seat.

Raving Testimonials Of

Students & Parents!

Thanks for today’s workshop! The notes were definitely substantial! I felt going through the subject topically, with sample questions for each topic, was undeniably the best way to improve and learn/find out my mistakes in a short period of time =) Overall a very enjoyable and engaging workshop unlike many which make you fall asleep!! Thanks Jeremy!??

Deshelley Teo

Methodist Girls? School

Through recommendation, I sent my son to Jeremy and since then, he has given my son full guidance n attention! My Son achieved A1 in Chemistry, a subject that he was always weak in, in this  O levels! Have recommended many others to him and they all did very well! Will continue to recommend him to students who need help!
Thk u very much, Jeremy!
It’s more than a five star effort that he puts in to help students!

Megan Chan | Mother of Trever

Mr Jeremy was very patient in answering most of my son’s questions every time he stayed back after tuition. My son joined Mr Jeremy’s class with an F9 in chemistry at the end of sec 3. His grades slowly improved and finally got an A1 for his O levels!

Aileen Ten | Mother of Joshua

Results Don’t Lie!

The Organic Chemistry Crash Course is specially designed for students who are serious about scoring distinctions and are willing to adopt our strategies that we will be sharing to achieve results.

The workshop offers tested-and-proven examination strategies and techniques which are guaranteed to boost your child’s understanding, hone his application skills and improve his results if implemented consistently.

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Intensive Topical Revision Programme

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WARNING: We only have very limited seats available for each workshop and with all the material we will be sharing, we are sure that the seats will be filled up really quick! So register now to avoid disappointment! Once seats are filled, we will not be able to open new slots/classes!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

To dispel any lingering doubts from your mind, you have my unconditional 100% money-back guarantee:

If for any reason whatsoever that our workshops do not undoubtedly work to help you increase your understanding… then simply ask for a FULL 100% refund?after the first session and I will return you every single penny – no questions asked!