5 o level chemistry tips

5 Tips You Can Apply Immediately To Achieve Distinctions At Your Upcoming Chemistry Exam!

Here’s a tiny list of 5 things you can do to start your 2015 with a bang (for Chemistry at least)!

    1. Know Your Stuff Really Well Other than reading your Chemistry textbook and memorizing important facts, you need to be able to structure your answers in a way that the examiner wants! This means proper phrasing, usage of relevant key phrases and providing specific points! Don’t expect to get any marks just because your write a full paragraph of text!

    2. Know Your Chemical Formula Last but not the least, in order for you to do well in chemistry, you NEED to know your chemical formula! This includes formula and charges of anions and cations! Once you know the formula of ions, you will be able to write the chemical formula for compounds. Knowing this, you will?then be able to write balanced chemical equations and ionic equations! So, I repeat, know your chemical formula! It is once of the building blocks of chemistry!

    3. Practice Your MCQs Students often think that MCQs are a piece of cake and pay very little attention to them. However, MCQs take up 30% of the O Level Chemistry paper and it is important that you score an A1 for this section if you want good grades! Other than knowing which option is the right answer, outstanding students are also able to tell you why the other answers are wrong!

    4. Practice Your Paper 2s. Doing well in Chemistry requires you to be familiar with a huge chunk of content. And admittedly, reading and digesting all the information is no easy task. However, once this is done, you need to be able to recall these facts and produce it in proper sentences on paper! Simply forming answers in your head will not suffice! Weaker?students tend to think that having a general idea of the answer in their heads is good enough and this is not true! Imagine how you would fare if you only practiced for an upcoming basketball match with your imagination!

    5. Know The Correct Answers. While this may seem obvious enough, you will not believe the number of times I’ve encountered students who simply practice the questions with no idea if their answers are right!
      Practice, check your work, do your corrections.Rinse and Repeat.