solubility table

The solubility table shows you a list of salts that are soluble and insoluble.

In general, I tell students to start by memorising the 5 insoluble Chlorides and Sulfates. Once you can recite that list off the top of your head, then add in most carbonates! (It’s possibly easier to memorise the insoluble substances than the soluble ones!)

But the question is this… Why do we need to know the solubility table???

Well, knowing the solubility table can help with 2 things.

  1. Knowing which state symbols to use when writing balanced chemical equations
  2. Knowing which method to choose when preparing salts! (You can watch a video here!)

Writing balanced chemical equations correctly is VERY important as this skill can be combined and tested with the chapter on MOLE calculations! If your writing chemical equation skills are shaky, please get some help quick!

Knowledge of salt preparation is particularly important for combined chemistry students as Salt preparation questions are usually worth anywhere from [4m] to [6m] in a typical exam!

I hope this short post has helped you realise the importance of knowing the solubility table!