Chemistry Webinars

O Level Chemistry – Online Micro Lessons


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Atomic Structure

What’s in an atom?

We learnt about elements, compounds and mixtures in the previous chapter. In this video, we find out what happens when we take an element and break it down to its simplest unit. Click to watch >>

Atoms vs. Ions

What you need to know about the differences between atoms and ions to answer your Chemistry MCQ questions effectively! Click to watch >>


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Chemical Bonding

The Ionic Bond

Find out how ionic compounds are formed and what physical properties ionic compounds have from this short video. Click to watch >>

The Covalent Bond

Find out how covalent compounds are formed and their physical properties here. Click to watch >>

The Metallic Bond


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Chemical Equations

How To Write Ionic Equations

In this video, we show you how to write an ionic equation in 4 steps! Click to watch >>


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The Periodic Table

Group I – Alkali Metals

Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs are elements found in Group I. Find out why they’re called Alkali Metals and learn more about their physical and chemical properties! Click to watch >>

Group VII – Halogens

F, Cl, Br, I and At are elements found in Group VII. Watch this short video to learn more about them. Click to watch >>

The Transition Metals
Group 0 – The Noble Gases


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Physical and Chemical Properties of Metals

Find out more about the physical properties and chemical properties most metals have from this short video. Click to watch >>

Extraction of Metals

Find out how metals are extracted from their ores – especially iron from haematite. Click to watch >>

Metal Protection

Learn the 3 different ways to protect metals from corroding or rusting. Click to watch >>

Recycling metals

Metals are a finite resource hence we need to recycle them for conservation. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of recycling metals. Click to watch >>