Every Success Has A Story Behind It

Here’s Ours.

Chem.Made.Easy specialises in ‘O’ Level Chemistry tuition founded by Jeremy Neo, an individual with a huge passion for learning.

It was created to provide secondary school students pursuing Chemistry a positive and supportive learning environment, where students could ask questions freely, clear doubts build confidence without fear of being labelled, judged or misunderstood.

At Chem Made Easy, we breakdown challenging Chemistry concepts into simple, easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces that increases our student’s ability to understand and retain content! This provides the foundation from which they can build their repertoire of skills and gives them the confidence to approach an exam hall. The result is a child who has a competitive edge over their peers in Chemistry.

We ensure that students walk out of every single lesson with their questions and doubts cleared, and equipped with new skills to answer the more challenging application questions.

We pride ourselves as being an outfit that truly places the learning of your child first!

Jeremy is a tutor who is encouraging and well-read. I can ask him about almost anything! He prepares well for his lessons and is dedicated when it comes to imparting knowledge. He ensures that I understand all the concepts that are being taught. Thanks for the guidance through O levels and constantly encouraging me to strive for the best and excel!

Charlotte Heng

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

I wanna thank you for your patient guidance in teaching me science ESP chem. Cause I literally came to you knowing nothing! I?m really happy with my science grades cause I wasn?t doing well in school at all! Terrene Shee

Pei Hwa Secondary School | F9 to B3

We have?run O Level Chemistry tuition classes for students from the following 60?schools and counting!

Jeremy Neo

Jeremy is known to deliver fun and animated lessons in the classroom.?Driven by his love and passion for teaching, he has been actively coaching students since 2008. ? He graduated from the National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Environmental Engineering and has decided to make teaching his career because he believes that every student has the potential to produce excellent results.

He aspires to be one of the most dynamic and engaging teachers in Singapore. ? Regarded by his students as a teacher who goes the extra mile, Jeremy constantly strives to find different methodologies to make the classroom experience a delightful one.

Over the years, he is proud to have guided students in his O Level Chemistry Tuition classes to achieve outstanding results at the O Level Chemistry examinations. ? He coaches roughly 100 students each year. Year after year, he has continued to inspire his students and they have been producing consistently excellent results of approximately 80% As and Bs for their O Level Chemistry examinations.